Rachel Vanoven Family E workshop

Rachel Vanoven Family E workshop

My photography career started the with the love of taking pictures of my child, like many other moms out there. My daughter was born in Oct 2011 and I was frantically trying to coordinate with my newborn photographer and I was in mommy stress out mode trying to find poses I liked. This is when my friend suggested I look at Rachel’s page and it was love at first sight! I was completely blown away with her talent! From that moment on I kind of became a facebook stalker and followed all of her work. I was hooked and I wanted to be able to take photos like that!

I was determined to learn so I read everything and practiced but I wasn’t getting it, something wasn’t clicking. I was frustrated with myself and my camera. I saw Rachel’s guide and couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I kept telling myself if I practiced enough it would come and I couldn’t justify the cost, I was still an amateur at best. I told myself I would get the guide once I was “better”..

Fast forward to the spring of 2014 and I took on my first paying client. The family was someone I hadn’t met before and it was a family of 4 kids! (insert panic mode). What I learned from that session was that I needed to educate myself more, I needed help. This is when I started trying to sweet talk my husband into letting me get the guide. Then, a couple months later Rachel had a sale on her guide and my husband told me to get it. I was in complete shock! He got that I needed help and to learn more. The evening I got it I dived in and loved it. I realized how little I actually knew! The workshop started off breaking down the basics and some how through all my reading I had skipped over the basics. I didn’t know how to read my camera, white balance, ISO and didn’t have a clear understanding of aperture. The videos helped me learn to edit, my workflow was painfully slow. The videos also helped me with client interaction. I use the tips and tricks at every family session I have. I am truly amazed at how much my work has changed just in a year! Don’t believe me that it is worth it? Here is the proof!

Left- May 2014 Right- Oct 2015 (My first paying client)
Rachel Vanoven Family E workshop

It even helped with my emotion and couple interaction

Rachel Vanoven Family E workshop

Left – July 2014 Right- Feb 2015
Rachel Vanoven Family E workshop

Left- April 2014 Right- Oct 2015

Believe me now? So, if you are on the fence then take the leap! You will be glad you did

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