Weekly Round Up | Week 18 – 20

Weekly Round Up | Week 18 – 20

Eveslage Photography is a high school senior portrait photographer located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I am a little behind on my weekly post so to save some time and sanity I am blogging weeks 18-20 all at once. This might be my new format since sitting at the computer has gotten a little more challenging lately.

Westfield, Indiana_0085.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0086.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0087.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0088.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0089.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0090.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0091.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0092.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0093.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0094.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0095.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0096.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0097.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0098.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0099.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0100.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0101.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0102.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0103.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0104.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0105.jpg

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