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Carmel, Indiana Portraits


Eveslage Photography is a Carmel, Indiana portraits photographer specializing in families and high school seniors.

Last month, I had the opportunity to photograph the lovely and talented Jessamyn Anderson.  I have been wanting to do a themed shoot for months now but finding the time with a brand new baby was a bit of a challenge.  I had been texting with Lorena one afternoon and told her what I had been wanting to do and she was completely on board.  The next step was to find the perfect model!  My only requirement was that the person could rock a bold lip and Jessamyn instantly came to my mind.

I met Jessamyn a couple years ago at jazzercise.  She would come to class straight after work and would always look gorgeous and many times she would be rocking the red lips.  I knew instantly I needed to get a hold of her.  Thankfully, Jessamyn was still in town for a couple more weeks and we were able to get together.  Since our shoot, Jessamyn has relocated to Nashville and we all miss having her here in Carmel!  Have I mentioned, that Jessamyn is an insanely talented singer?  You can check out Jessamyn’s blog and youtube channel to see just how incredible she is.

Thank you to Lorena Somers Makeup and Jessamyn for helping me with my shoot!
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