Eveslage Photography Senior Reps

Eveslage Photography Senior Reps

Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, Guerin High School

and other Hamilton County high schools

Have you seen that Eveslage Photography is now looking for senior reps for the class of 2017? I am taking applications until Jan 1st, 2016!! Are you thinking about submitting your application but you are on the fence? Let me help you decide!!

You might be asking yourself why should I become a senior rep for Eveslage Photography? Well, let tell you why you SHOULD apply to be a senior rep for Eveslage Photography.

  1.  It is fun!
  2. you get a discounted senior session with the potential to receive a free session and products
  3.  You get awesome senior photos
  4.  your make up will be done professionally by the awesome Lorena Somers Makeup, LLC
  5. Free coffee and a treat!

Did those reasons alone make you want to apply to be one of  Eveslage Photography Senior Reps?  Great!  Apply Here! Still not sure? Keep reading!

Another frequent concern I hear is “I’m not sure I qualify.”  My simple answer is “How do you know if you don’t apply?”  You qualify to be an Eveslage Photography Senior Rep if you have the following:

  • instagram
  • twitter
  • email

Bonus qualifications if you have the following:

  • facebook
  • periscope
  • snap chat (and can teach me about it!)
  • you can answer email in a timely manner !

Still not sure?  Let me introduce my team!  First, there is me. My name is Maria and I’m a little crazy..  I married my high school sweetheart, I have a 4 yr old, I teach jazzercise and I graduated from Purdue University.

Eveslage Photographer Senior Reps


Meet Lorena! Lorena does the makeup for my senior reps.  She currently lives in Carmel with her husband.  She relocated to Carmel, IN in 2013 from Manila. Lorena received her training from The Maquillage Professionel Makeup Artistry School In Bonifacio Global City, Philippines.

Eveslage Photographer Senior RepsEveslage Photographer Senior Reps

My senior reps for the class of 2016!

Sara Z.
Eveslage Photography Senior RepsEveslage Photography Senior Reps
Eveslage Photography Senior Reps
Jack P.
Eveslage Photography Senior Reps

Luke P.
Eveslage Photographer Senior Reps
Sara J.
Eveslage Photographer Senior Reps
Eveslage Photographer Senior Reps
Eveslage Photographer Senior Reps
Are you ready to apply? Do you want this to be you?  Apply today!

Do you have any other questions? Email me at info@eveslagephotography.com and I will answer them all in a periscope next week!!

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