Weekly Round Up | Week 14

Weekly Round Up | Week 14

Eveslage Photography is a Westfield, Indiana based photographer specializing in families and high school seniors.

We are a little over 100 days into 2017! This year has flown by so far!

Last week was spring break for Miss Ella and we did exactly what she wanted to do, nothing.

We spent our days being super lazy and most days she didn’t get out of her pajamas until the afternoon. It was a perfect spring break and exactly what we needed. My goal this week is to get one more bump picture and to continue to shoot outside.

Westfield, Indiana_0049.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0050.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0051.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0052.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0053.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0054.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0055.jpg

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